Jerry Scribner knows the value of personal development. As a young man growing up in central Michigan he wanted more than anything to be a professional athlete. Jerry dreamed of playing for his beloved Detroit Tigers, Lions, or Pistons and becoming a champion. Jerry had a lot of heart, he refused to give up, but normal talent. His sports career ended in high school. Always the dreamer, he set out to be a millionaire by age 30, it didn’t happen. So Jerry went to college at age 31 and entered corporate America. Over the years his dreams diminished and he “settled” for an average job, home, debts, and life.Jerry Mayan Rivera

In 2007 a friend asked Jerry to watch a short online video regarding network marketing. It made sense and Jerry launched his business on a spare time basis. The first thing his friend did was send him a personal development CD by Jim Rohn. That single act of kindness propelled Jerry to seek his own journey of personal responsibility. Jerry became a devout reader of personal development books. He was always listening to CD’s in his car that would teach him how to be a better person and he decided to associate with the kind of people he longed to be. Jerry has been blessed to have met many great people who have become a part of his networking business.

Because of the success of the people in his networking “community”, Jerry and his wife Monica and their two daughters, have lived a blessed life. His “purpose” is to help families totally eliminate debt from their lives. “We had serious economic needs when we found our Networking business,” Jerry says. Jerry considers himself a “normal guy” who focused on studying the success of others. Today he continues to build his networking “community” and teaches people how to get rid of debt and the personal development principles that have enriched his life. You can reach him by Clicking Here!

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  1. Hello Jerry,

    Connie Williams here. I met you after the Big Al workshop that you facilitated in Dallas last Sunday night. At the end of the workshop, I asked you, “Would it be ok for you to learn about a natural food supplement that mimics insulin”? And you replied with a hardy, “YES”. I would like to send you some information via email about this wonderful supplement in response to your “YES”. The supplement is pure muscadine grape seed ground up in capsule form. So, if it’s ok with you, please send me your email address, and I will respond to your “YES”. My Nature’s Pearl website is below.

    Best Wishes,

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