Welcome to our page!!

We’ve put together this website as a resource for those striving to become better people, better leaders, build larger businesses. Our focus will be on personal development and studying leadership skills. I believe in “feeding the whole Jerry Mayan Riveraperson” so that it enriches your entire life.

I’m not a personal development guru, but a normal guy who knew there was a better way. Many years ago I started studying  leaders in the personal development arena. I don’t have all the answers but feel the journey I continue to walk thru will assist many others.

We’re starting small, but we’ve got some big ideas that I think you will find to be very useful.

So check in frequently. Better yet, if you’d like to be notified as we add new content and tools to this website, just Subscribe with your email address at the bottom right of this web page.

Jerry Scribner • http://jerryscribner.com

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