I’m currently listening to “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield. It was recommended by my dear friend and mentor, Jordan Adler. This audiobook is VERY fascinating. Pressfield attacks “procrastination” in this text. He talks about his struggle with procrastination and how he deals with it. The one word that he uses over and over is “resistance”. He explains that “resistance” is what stops us from taking action. The “R” can be so many things that stop us from doing what it is we are to be doing. I have lots of “R” that I allow to stop me from being all I can be. I believe it is an internal issue we all struggle with.

Pressfield is a fiction author but this book is non-fiction. He says the secret is “its not the writing part that’s hard, what’s hard is sitting down to write.”  “R” is the most toxic force on the planet because it stops us from fulfilling the God given talent we ALL have. I can sit down to do what I know MUST be done and I allow simple things to get in the way. I can sit down to make 10 calls to prospects and all of a sudden I start paying bills, or rearranging my desk, etc.. Now those things need to be done BUT they are the “Resistance” that prevents me from doing my work. “R” is simply an excuse to put off the most important things we must do.

What are some things that illicit “Resistance” for you? Please leave your response below.

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4 Responses to “Resistance”

  1. My motto is “Just Do It” for years I procrastinated with no growth. took this motto on and have growth leaps and bounds and continue to do so. Resistance is for sure an enemy.. Love you posts Jerry..

  2. Chris Cooter says:

    I learned how to procrastinate growing up. That has affected my life by unfinished house projects and the checkbook entries not quite up to date. Also it’s hurt me in my businesses. I always feel guilty, but put off feeling guilty. In the fray, we don’t see it but when we look back, it’s staring at us.

  3. Chris Cooter says:

    Resistance for me is the phone ringing, tv show. Lets face it, anything shiny! I find myself being ‘busy’ doing things that don’t need to be done right now.

  4. Joanna Manos says:

    So true! I find this to be the case often… I just pull myself over to my phone and wella, it’s not so hard 🙂

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